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CKC Morkipoo Female

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CKC Morkipoo Female is a Female Puppy For Sale in Jacksonville FL
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My name is Candy, and my grandma says if I look like the one for you don't wait too long as there is only two puppies left from her 35 Christmas puppies. Now about me, I am a female CKC Morkipoo.I was born on Oct 18th can go as early as Dec 13 or we can hold for that Christmas Surprise. Mom is Hershey a 9 pound Yorkie and Dad is Mercy a 7 pound making him a first generation Maltipoo. Both parents are the sweetest babies ever so their puppies will be too.. This baby GIRL will probably only weigh 6-8 pounds. I was born on Oct 14th and will be ready on Dec 9th I am a beautiful black and brown with a little white markings on me. I also have a docked tail. Want a puppy look no further as I am the one for you! I am a wonderful inside pet because I am a small dog within the weight that even renters allow. I am also hypoallergenic and non-shedding so I am wonderful for families that suffer with allergies. I am 6 weeks old and just got my first set of puppy shots, another worming treatment, and my weekly grooming of hair clipped around my eyes, hair plucked from my ears and cleaned, hygiene cut, Hair shaved under my paws and my nails clipped. So up to date I have also had my worming at 2 wks, Bordetella at 3 wks, and heartworm treatment at 4 wks. My 6 wk puppy shot (OUCH)and now already five grooming. In 2 more weeks I get my health certificate when I go to my vet at which time I get my second set of puppy shots and second Bordetella, worming , grooming and a bath and a report card that shows everything he checks, he even gives you my weight, temperature, RR and HR. My grandma also gives a wonderful fragrance bath then protects me with Advantage flea treatment before I leave. So see I will be already to go home. I have done wonderful with my Separation training so I am sleeping by myself and know not to cry at night so when I go home with you I will sleep all night so you can sleep all night too. Then we both will be smiling and happy when morning comes I am also doing my separation training in the day so I know to stay by myself and know it’s not scary so when you go off or to work it’s normal to me and I can play and sleep till you return to love on me… Grandma does this before I leave because she says you will be happier with me if I don’t cry all night and day. Also she says Cociddia can get on me and make me very sick because of the stress and this way she gives me a preventive to protect me from getting it and I also settle down in the training because I get mom and my litter mates to calm me down. So by the time I leave I am use to being all alone… My grandma is teaching me so much, so you will be happy to get me. It’s not easy for her, and takes so much more time, but she says it’s worth it all because she wants me to have a wonderful home so that is why she is does morning and night separation training to me. She is also teaching me barking is RUDE and I don't want to be rude so I don't bark, but I will talk to you if you want to talk  I am also learning to use a U Go Doggie Tray, this is important because if I have to go in the middle of the night since my bladder is so small I will use that instead of crying to wake you up to take me out. Also if you want to go off after work or stay out a little later than planned you can relax because you know I can relieve myself if needed. So no letting me ruin your time but we work together because we will be a team for a lifetime. It also makes me realize I have to potty in a certain place so when I start my outside potty training I am just learning a new place to go too. My grandma says her clients say most say their puppy learns their outside potty training in 2-4 weeks and if you take the time to work with me, I will learn to do the same. My grandma also has me on an all natural food she says nothing is too good for me. It has no wheat that can cause yeast infection and make me itch, no corn which is bulk and make me poop a lot, no soy which is bad for my hormones. So much good about this food and so little space to explain here. But I love it is small kibbles to not break my teeth. My grandma has started taking pictures of me since I was born just ask to see my photo album and she will email them to you. This way you can see me from birth to date. Another good thing about having a album like this you know my grandma really has me and it’s not a scam. Speaking of scams my grandma has so many happy clients that are posted on her web site and are willing to be used as a reference if you want to email or speak to anyone to see about their experience of dealing with my grandma she will be happy to give you this information. My grandma has done this for 5 years now and loves what she does and it shows from the way she takes care of us. My grandma offers weekly visitation with me to help with our bonding time. Of course if you are long distance she offers video sessions 10 minutes a week through either Face Time, Tango or Skype. She does whatever she can to help our bonding process. Well I am grandma and I guess it’s time for me to talk since this precious baby has done so much talking. I am their grandma I started calling myself that because when they leave here they have new parents. I love each one of these puppies that I have been blessed to hand deliver and take care of till they go to their forever home. Their mom and dad are so precious to me. I treat each of them as my children and they are all in my home. That’s right we do not have an outside kennel. A matter of fact they do not put their feet on the ground because being breeders I don't want to use chemicals for flea treatment. But they do go outside on a wood deck above ground that gives them sunshine and playtime 5 times a day. Mom is given a special diet during her pregnancy including Vitamin C , E, AND YOGURT. She stays close to me the last 2 weeks and sleeps in my room so I know if she starts in labor. Then mom sits on my lap and I hand deliver each pup, cut the bag open, clamp and cut the cord, then clean the puppy up. This way it saves mom so much energy of doing all this so she has more energy to take care of her newborn puppies. Within an hour the dew claws are removed so the nerve endings are not all connected making this less painful on the puppy. We also dock the within an hour if they need to be docked. Then I keep mom close for the first week to make sure they are nursing I try everything I can to make sure mom keeps 100% of her litter. Bedding is washed daily water cleaned three times a day and food kept out all day till puppies leave so mom and puppies has plenty of food. As this sweet puppy mentioned above we do separation training am and pm, potty tray training, no bark and wanting my way training. We also sell the playpens and potty trays if you want to keep them using the same thing this really helps with their transition to your home. It’s like taking their home with them only the people have changed. We also gives visitation visit if you want to take advantage of this, as it helps with bonding for each of you till time for them to go home. We also take pictures every 7-10 days to keep you updated with your puppies’ growth. We send you an information letter to help you prepare of your bundle of love. We do everything we can to give you a loving social puppy so just ask yourself and make sure you are ready for a puppy. It’s not fair to a puppy to take them in a home and give them when the puppy stage is over So consider this adoption process as a human adoption its for their lifetime. That brings me to a question so many ask the life expectancy. If kept on all natural food, kept inside and absolutely no table food unless it’s all natural not cooked like fresh carrots, beans, and all kinds of fruits. Life expectancy is between 18-21 years. Your baby comes to you with CKC Papers, pedigree papers, dew claws removed, tail may be docked, lots of training as described above, health certificate, 2 sets of puppy shots, 2 sets of Bordetella, puppy worming, heartworm treatment, cocidda treatment, Advantage Flea treatment, grooming includes hygiene area, eyes, under paws, Ears plucked and cleaned, nails clipped, shampoo and a wonderful berry cologne. T0 save you from running straight to the groomer. We have just added Pet Loans to make getting a puppy so much easier for so many. The monthly fee depends on your credit rating. It only takes two minutes to apply and they let you know within 5 minutes if you qualify they even allow you to purchase their supplies in the loan. The best thing is 6 months same as cash. This does cost me so I pass the fee along to you if you want to take advantage of this offer. We also accept all major credit cards and paypal for a little extra and we do give the cash discount. Now let’s talk about this breed to make sure this is the breed that best fits your family. The Morkie,is created by the crossing of two breeds: Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. They are commonly referred to as "designer dogs". These pups are exceedingly popular. They are known for being hypo-allergenic and non shedding.They are well-proportioned, sturdy, and hardy in appearance. They possess a lively and sweet expression. The Morkie is a social animal. It particularly loves its master, and craves attention from him, This type of dog loves the cuddling touch of its proprietor.They are affectionate, loyal, devoted, and loving. They do well with dogs and non-canine pets they have been raised with. They bond closely to their family We have happy clients for the past three years who are happy to be used as referrals. Our clients refer us to family and friends and some have even purchased their second and third puppy from us because they love their first one so much. I cannot tell you how many times I hear our clients say we have the best puppy ever. So a little about me and how I care for my babies. I love my babies and it starts before they are born, mom gets a special diet and vitamins when carrying her little ones. They sleep by my bed the last 1-2 weeks so I know when they start going into labor, and then I hand deliver each baby, Then I take them out of their sack, cut the cord, and help mom to clean them up. Within 12 hours they get a shot for mom to clean her out so no infection starts, also each pup is then inspected, they get tails docked if needed, and always remove all dew claws (the thumb claw that hangs up on things and can harm them later). They get first worming and parasite preventive treatments at 2 weeks and then every 2 weeks following to prevent any onset of worms and parasite that can rob the baby’s nutrient. Each puppy is handled daily and given love and snuggled so they will be social and love people before you ever come see them. At three to four weeks we start them on a high protein diet with a puppy food. But we don't stop there, as mentioned earlier, we go a step over and beyond to make the transition from our home to yours so much easier we also start potty tray training at 3 weeks, and then separation training them in a playpen this trains them to sleep by their self so they don't cry all night. Instead we listen to the puppy crying for you, and since they are in our home we do hear them. The reason we do this for you is the stress is so much less on them because when we get them out in the morning there are mom and littermates. This also true for the daytime separation, we do this because it prepares them if you go to work or school or just a day away, they know how it feels to be a playpen by their self playing with toys and entertaining their self, instead of crying all day till you return, refusing to eat which can lead to sugar dropping and they fall into Hypoglycemia which can result in sugar. Instead we get them use to the route and teach you what to look for. The biggest reason we do the day and night separation training is coccidia all puppies have it you can not kill it only put it in emission we know the signs to look for, so at the same time we are giving them something so coccidia doesn't set in keeping them stronger from the very beginning. This happens to so many puppies that are placed into homes that get stressed because they haven't had any separation training. The next thing you know you are taking your sick puppy to the vet with a vet bill that is not covered and medication to give for a week. Not counting the heart break to see your sweet puppy sick. This is one of the greatest thing we do for you and the puppy. So why we do this extra work why not do what most breeders do leave them with mom and littermates and make less work on me, because it makes the transition easier on both of you. The daytime and nighttime separation training when easier bonding for both of you and sleep for both of you and I am happy and it's worth it all to know my puppy is in a happy environment because of no puppy crying for both of you. The reason most breeders don't do this is the space needed to accomplish the separation training. But I am thankful we do have the space in our home and are able to do it, although that first week crying at night is the hardest for my family. You also have the option to purchase the playpen they are sleeping in and using in the daytime. I have two choices a pop up playpen and a plastic one once you choose which one if you like I will start them sleeping in their playpen so their scent is already in it and it's like taking their home with them. Just prepay for the playpen and pick your color in advance of the training taking place. The reason is they know the condo the look the feel the smell so when they go to sleep they feel their at home, they don't associate it’s a different place. When you purchase a puppy from a place that doesn't offer this training you will hear puppy crying all night long for 2 weeks and up. But the stress is worse because the comfort of their litter mates is not there to play with in the day. All I can say since I started this in Jan 2010 we have had wonderful results. I have referrals if you would like to talk to clients yourself to hear how their puppy slept from the very first night. We are State License kennel. Our puppies are never in an outside kennel but in a loving home environment which also prepares them for your home. They are use to door bells, television and radios playing, phones ringing and people coming over. This makes a big difference than a puppy raised in a kennel that doesn't know all these sounds. We also start training them that barking is rude and teach you how to re-enforce their training. You can actually walk around their playpen and they will look at you till your ready to pick them up. You control them not the other way around. When you leave with our puppy we give you so much information on how to continue the training we have started. See this is not where customer service ends but begins. I have clients that keep in touch with me about my grand-pups and I love it! My clients tell me how much they appreciate the information then but how they can always text or call me for questions after they take their bundle of love home. I even have clients that bought puppies 5 years ago from me still refer me and/or purchase another puppy from me. I am also blessed with being able to house sit some of them too. I also offer to only my clients for a small fee, who purchase a puppy from me a pet sitting service in my home with my family to teach them like you do in your home not locking them up all day, and since they were born here they have no separation anxiety attacks, they are always so happy to see me (their Grandma) and my family again. It’s like a kid going to see grandma. They see me and tails start wagging. This way you can leave with peace of mind your baby is happy and not locked in a cage anywhere, but is truly being loved. (But you must keep shots UTD and have them on a flea program like Comfortis). This way no problems come to my babies or other puppies that I might be sitting for as well. Also this is a first come basis seeing I can only take four at a time. It’s true my babies might cost more than some places but you are buying a high quality baby one that has NEVER been placed in a locked up just expecting mom to take of them till time to sale them, where they are afraid of people and sounds. BUT instead has been socialized, loving everyone and familiar with so many home sounds. Then all the extras we do cost time and money to help save your floors with potty tray training, no bark training, and mostly selling you a baby to sleep through the night so you get sleep from the first night, and that is what I work the hardest on for you because I know how important your sleep is to you. Sometimes it's best to pay a little more to make sure your getting a healthy well adjusted happy social baby. We also do photo albums of our puppies for you to view to see if this is the one for you. Once you put a deposit on your puppy we keep updating your album for you to feel like a part of the process. The album is yours to share with family and friends. So request to see her album today From time to time I am asked will you ship me a puppy I will BUT, these little pups will not ship standard shipping the stress is way too much on them and blood sugars drop and they get either too sick or die. But if you're willing to pay First Class which is and an additional $100 I will fly your baby to you. This way you have a puppy that comes out of his crate with their tail wagging and puppy kisses to give. We have referrals of many happy clients if you would like their information to contact to see how flying one of my puppies which was the best experience they had from me with information and receiving. I hope you understand but I would rather not sell them if I think they can’t make the trip. Don't wait too long our puppies never last long Regular $2500 Cash Special price $999.00 or take advantage of using paypal or any major credit card for $1050 and our newest option is Pet loans $1250 no money down three year loan of low payments can also include pet supplies and airfare. Now you have three options to get your sweet puppy. So what are you waiting for you cannot get a better puppy for you and your family so call Stacy today 904-838-9628
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