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Trained Pupp | Male Labrador Retriever For Sale in Kelso WA | 3281089227

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Trained Pupp

Kelso, WA

We offer potty and started obedience training for families who prefer a GOOD head start! Call today to learn more! Check out our Facebook page, visit our web siteat and link from there! The pup images here are from Hogan's 1st litter. three year Good health guarantee! Hips/Eyes/Elbows/EIC/PRA/CNM Sugar's Show Wins include Best of Breed Puppy @ six months old and Reserve Winners Bitch at 6 mnths old!! HOME OF THE 3 yr GOOD HEALTH GUARANTEE! (find THAT from another breeding system!) The Truth Behind Well Bred Pups Introduction I am often asked by puppy families why there is such a varied adoption payment for Lab puppy's from various different breeders. The truth is and I have 32yrs of experience in which to glean from..... There are litters that are just bred for the heck of it, from people who have absolutely no knowledge of genetic's or hereditary factors and just how carefully each of these must be researched. Why is research so important, well if you end up with a pup with special needs from a breeder who took no responsibility it' will become painfully clear soon enough. I've had two different families that opted for a more careless breeding approach because the puppy was indeed being placed for a much smaller adoption payment and they were just trying to save some money and thought the puppy looked healthy enough, so why not? and in each case, I was then contacted to help with their special needs puppy. Why did they contact me? Well, for one, the "breeder" of their pup wouldn't return their phone calls and abandoned them, and regardless of their choices I am whole heartedly dedicated to the Lab Retriever, when 1 of them has a need, regardless of whether or not I bred that pup/dog I will always do what I can to help. In this case I was able to located a very reputable vet and find a training group that could assist her to learn how to provide a quality life for their pup, who ended up being deaf and was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia a few months later. Now I am not saying that every dog not carefully bred will end up with issues, however it DOES increase the chances and there is NO health history to study behind those breedings. Talking with a reputable breeder who does the research necessary is a step forward to ensuring we are not passing on known inherited issues to our future generations. Breeders such as myself and others who share this approach are there for the LIFETIME of our pups, always here to answer any questions their entire lives. Each of these families ended up with veterinary expenses that totaled into the thousands, I was heartbroken for both of them , but admire their dedication and commitment to their new pups. It is ONLY through education to our families that we are going to be able to put a stop to puppy mills and unethical/uneducated back yard breeders. The choice still remains yours , it is YOU who will set the precedence by requiring responsibility :) You are now given the tools to go forward, and carefully select your new part of the family . The Science behind responsible, ethical breeding.... There are several things that MUST be considered when contemplating a breeding, such as the reason for the breeding(which in our case is for ourselves, looking to better improve with each generation while maintaining strict health standards, superb intelligence and providing the perfect family pets). Each prospective breeding means that HUNDREDS hours of research has gone into the possible predicted outcome of this breeding. Researching both the Sire and Dam genetic background, sometimes you find that the genetic match will not be desired, so then you start all over again. A research of the blood line's of Sire (sire's litter mates, half litter mates, full litter mates and any offspring that may have been produced, and any half litter mates, full litter mates that you may be able to research, just try to imagine how many dogs you are researching and this is just for the Sire that you are looking to use)...then you have the Dam and again you must research (Dam's litter mates,half litter mates,full litter mates, and any offspring that she may have produced and any of their half litter mates, full litter mates etc..) Why is this so important? If you don't know your breeding backwards, forwards and sideways... you have NO idea what you may be bringing forward with your own pups and those pups become the loved family companions.It is important to do our best, we cannot always control mother nature and yes there are somethings that couldn't have been avoided, just as we as humans deal with special health needs of our own sometimes.In those cases a responsible breeder will offer emotional support and will do what he or she can to assist you within reason. I often hear, "We are not looking for a show puppy", and that is perfectly fine, what you may not know is that correct conformation goes WAY beyond just looking good. It is important that correct structure be an important part of a breeding system. Why? because structure has everything to do with development and movement. If a dog isn't balanced this affects growth, if a dog doesn't have proper angulation it will stress the joints during growth. To make it simple, if the "parts" don't work right they are going to wear and develop abnormally, increasing the risk of abnormal development in hips and elbows and let's not forget that too straight angulation in the rear is 1 of the leading causes of torn ACL. ACL surgery is expensive!! In our history we have never had a torn ACL and we pray that with each careful breeding we can continue this !! Now that you know the research involved, lets begin with the pre-bred care of the Sire and Dam.... Pre-breeding Care for Sire and Dam Before you ever breed either male or female there are strict guidelines for care that MUST be followed. The care for intact males and females is different from those that have been spayed or neutered. The physical demands are greater than for those that aren't intact (spayed/nuetered). Just as the nutrition and physical maintenance of a professional athlete are greater than those that prefer the couch potato lifestyle...lolEach of our Males and Females nutrition program is specifically designed to meet their needs. While most dog foods are adequately balanced, I do not feel that most meet the extra nutritional needs required for Labs that enhance a breeding system and are in professional competition. This is just my humble opinion and other's have disputed my theory and continue to do so, and with the greatest of respect I will continue to follow my own nutritional program. It makes sense to me that a professional athlete's diet would be quite different than my own because of the greater physical demands. So therefore each male and female has careful attention paid to their health and well being, as well as the state of mind (happy labs)! While I will not outline our specific program here, as I am aware of "copy-cats" who would use this info as a false-storefront on their own image, basically just copying and pasting my info for their marketability. There are three areas of nutritional support we focus on... Inner Health,~~~ such as bodily organ and reproductive support as well a proper bone and joint development. Outer/Epidermal Health~~~ This would focus on skin, coat, ears, nails,eyes, mouth. Psychological Health~~ The intelligence,trainability, soundness,temperament and overall happiness of our Males and Females. Summarize Nutritional Investment for our Labs? Approximately $200.00 each month for each "kid" :) We make sure that each of our males and females are properly socialized, and complete obedience training. Then according to their interests and talents we have fun training for competition in several different venues. We enjoy romps in the river or group walk around the 100 + miles of trails located around our property. There is never a day that goes by that each individual "kid" doesn't receive attention and love from our family. As far as Training, we feel that this is important for their care. Each Sire or Dam has approximately. 6 mnths to two years of training behind them with daily interaction to maintain training. To summarize the expense? $8400.00 in training for each and every 1 over the course of 2yrs...maintaining the training? priceless... my calculator doesn't go that Dilute Colors There are No dilute colors of Lab Retrievers, there are no slivers, champagne,peach, apricot etc..Black,Chocolate and Yellow are the only colors of the Lab Retriever .The AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB Standard states "The Lab Retriever coat colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification. A small white spot on the chest is permissible, but not desirable. White hairs from aging or scarring are not to be misinterpreted as brindling. Black-Blacks are all black. A black with brindle markings or a black with tan markings is a disqualification. Yellow - Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream with variations in shading on the ears, back and underparts of the dog. Chocolates can vary in shade from light to dark chocolate. Chocolate with brindle or tan markings is a disqualification." No where does it say Silver,Champagne,Charcoal, Apricot or any other where. To say anything else is a way to scam you out of your money. I have a published book with a history of Labs dating back to the late 1800's and there are NO dilute colors. Do not be misled of fooled by the weak explanations by those trying to sell you a dilute puppy. I would be happy to share with you the history and proof of true Lab Retrievers and welcome a visit anytime! Competition with our Labs We feel that EVERY Breeder should be involved in competition with their dogs. There are times for some that waiting because of personal reasons is completely understandable, however those that have been raising Labs for years with no involvement in competition are just breeding to be breeding pups and are not proving or excelling with their dogs in any other venue. There are some that choose to purchase finished Champions for their breeding system .The dogs accomplishments in relation to the person purchasing the dog had nothing to do with the Breeder that worked hard to earn them, in other words alot of times others will "purchase" titles for their program instead of earning them with the dogs they produce or finish themselves. This is acceptable in certain cases on a limited basis,however there are those that NEVER earn the accomplishments for themselves, but rather continue to reap the benefits of the hard work of true Breeders dedicated to the time and expense of proving their breeding programs. Another important point, is to learn whether the dogs bred by the Breeder you are talking have earned any titles of their own! Find out whether the pups being produced by the Breeder are accomplished. It takes time to produce Champions in any venue, so those new to breeding might not have earned these accomplishments yet. The involvement in competition showcases and manifests the talent of the dogs being bred, validating their worthiness to produce offspring, in addition to proper health clearances and speaking of health clearances.... Health Clearances OFA Hips and Elbows Fee: $268.00 each dog Veterinary Expense for Hips and Elbows (Each registry OFA and Penn-Hip charge fee's in addition to the veterinary fee's paid at the time of x-ray) OFA Hips and Elbows $240.00 each dog PennHip $240.00 each dog Heart $200.00 each dog Cerf-Eyes $35.00 by Board Certified Opthalmologist each dog Cerf Fee's to submit $40.00 each dog CNM $58.00 each dog EIC $58.00 each dog (this is EXERCISE INDUCED COLLAPSE) Optigen Fee: $195.00 each dog Blood Draw for Optigen Veterinary Expense $58.00 each dog (this test insures that your dog doesnt carry a disease that will make them blind, ALOT of labradors have carried this in the past and without proper clearances, you can unknowingly bring it forward, this is why we test to make sure we arent breeding dogs that carry it) Thyroid $85.00 each dog Competition Expenses Entry Fee's---- $28.00 for each dog each day of competition 2-4 day competition. Motel---$130.00 w/pet fee each night of competition Gas----ridiculous, :), lol ,lol Food--- two -3 meals a day = $45.00 a day for each day of competition Approximately. Expenses for each event $300.00 - $500.00 (number of events attended each year...36 = $14,400.00 each year) Breeding Expenses Progesterone--$60.00 each test (3 -5 tests) AI Kits--$60.00 per kit Stud Fee $800.00 - $1200.00+ Collection Fee's for Stud-- $150.00 Shipment Fee's of Semen-- $40.00 overnight AI Services for each individual insemination-- $150.00 each insemination Nutrition Approximately. $200.00 each month each dog because we go beyond to meet the nutritional needs of an intact breeding system. Whelping Expenses (birthing a litter) This can be extreme in some cases. There are times that something unexpected can happen and you are running your girl into emergency vets and the expense can be $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. Normally for what we call a "text-book" whelping..ya right.. lol The expenses are usually about $1000.00 and that is IF you get a "textbook" whelping! This is just a small glimpse of some of the surface expenses that go into each well-bred puppy. The hours put into re-search and care are absolutely mind blowing and uncalculatable. Breeders do without so their "children" can have, Breeders stay home when friends are skiing Colorado, Breeders hands usually look about 10yrs older than what they actually are, Our back usually are constantly hurting. So why do we do this, because our hearts are in our breeds, We BELIEVE it's important to do our best. We take nice pride when our families call to thank us for "the best dog they have ever had", we then have attained success. This is an investment of the heart, just it is for our families..and there is nothing we will protect more than the things we love. So why are there price differences in pups? When you put nothing into a puppy, you ask nothing for it....... This is more than just breeding Max and Molly...... Any responsible breeder will be glad to show the research done on each breeding that takes place. This isn't something that can be faked...if you have doubts about your Breeder, then listen to your gut instinct! It's your heart involved.......don't settle for less. Thank you, Tina and the "children" Pridezion Lab Retrievers xxx-xxx-xxxx This document is the property of Pridezion Lab Retrievers and it is not to be used without our permission.
Labrador Retriever
January 11 2013 on PuppyFind
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