Lancashire Heelers for Sale in Eugene, Oregon

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  1. Morrie is a purebred Lancaster Heeler rescue that I have had for about 5 years, but I believe he is about 7 years old. He is adorable and very loving and loyal. I am moving and he senses it and it has caused him to have seperation anxiety. Because...
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  2. Morrie is a rescue dog that needs a home where someone is home most of the day. He has separation anxiety issues where he is clingy and gets anxious. He doesn’t bark but will pant and pace. Usually a walk will calm him down. He’s very sweet and li...
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  3. Morei is Avery loving and adorable our bred dog. He’s 7 years old and loves to go for walks and hikes. He’s house trained and loyal. He needs a home where someone is home most of the day so he doesn’t get separation anxiety. He’s been very loved a...
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  4. Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy PCName:I dont have all over speckles like my brother and sister, but what I lack in freckles, I more than make up for in soft. Hence my name fuzzy wuzzy.Favorite Activities:Doing cuddles. Smelling leaves.Breed:Yuh, huh, I am part ...
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